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A. you: Description from the Sentinel Function

At about 12: 30 PM on Thurs night, September 14th, a sentinel event occurred that involved a potential child abduction. Tina, a a few year old child, was timetabled for a regimen, same-day medical procedures at Nightingale Community Hospital to have ear canal tubes placed in both ear. Tina was brought to the hospital by her mother, who recently been divorced from Tina's biological dad; Tina's mom has full custody with the children, which include Tina. Following Tina was registered and taken to the pre-op part of the hospital, the pre-op nurse informed Tina's mother which the actual medical procedures would consider approximately forty five minutes, and then Tina would need to live in recovery for at least an additional hour. Tina's mom informed the pre-op doctor that once Tina choose to go to the operating room, she'd be leaving the center to run an old sibling on an errand, nevertheless she would come back to pick up Tina after she was released from recovery. The mother offered her mobile phone number to the pre-op nurse, who wrote the product number down on a note-pad the health professional carries in her pocket. Tina's mother asked for the nurse to call her on her cellphone if Tina's procedure was completed sooner than expected. The moment Tina was taken in surgery, the mother still left the center to run her errand. Following the surgery was completed, Barre?o was taken to post-op to recover. The restoration nurse paged Tina's mother, but would not receive a response. Tina was transferred to the Ambulatory Proper care nurse to get ready for release. The relieve nurse likewise attempted to site the mother, but could not locate her. In the meantime, hospital security informed the registered nurse that Tina's father experienced come to the hospital to see Tina. Tina was crying and was saying your woman wanted to go home, and because the mother could not become located, the father was acceptable to come back to recovery. Barre?o was excited to see him, and named him daddy. Thirty minutes afterwards there was nonetheless not a response from the mother. The father offered to take Tina to his home right up until they might get a hold of the mom and make arrangements for the mother to pick up Tina in the father's property. Tina's mom returned a couple of ВЅ several hours after leaving the facility and found that Tina was discharged thirty minutes earlier. Medical center staff was unaware which the father acquired taken Tinaja to his house. Upon finding out that Tina was missing, Tina's mother was extremely distraught, and dreaded the worst about her daughter. Clinic security was notified, and a hospital-wide child ecartement alert (Code Pink) was initiated. Medical center security also reported the problem to regional law enforcement. During the interview with hospital secureness, the mom informed all of them that the girl and Tina's father were recently single. Within thirty minutes of the mom arriving at a healthcare facility, Tina was located by law enforcement in her dad's house. Tinaja was being well taken care of by the father, without charges were filed against him. A. 2: Jobs and Required the People Involved in the Event Ten hospital staff interacted with Tina, and are also therefore mixed up in sentinel celebration. Tina's parents were also section of the event. This kind of report will certainly analyze the role and involvement of each of these persons and the component they played out in the event. Their very own connection to the big event will be tackled in order of their interaction with Tina and her father and mother. Registrar:

Duties include signing up the patient, entering the demographics and insurance information in to the EMR (Electronic Medical Record), make a copy of the insurance card, and also have all necessary documentation fixed, including the consent to treat and assignment of benefits form. Katie Jessop, the Registrar, moved into all the necessary patient data into the medical record in the same way she have been trained to carry out, and relating to current process standards.. Katie would not ask for additional identification, and did not ask about custody details as...

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