Barilla Spa(a) Case Study

 Barilla Spaa Case Study Essay

Treatment 5: Supply Chain Inventory Management

Barilla Spa (A) Case Study

Table of Articles

Executive Summary3

Issues Identification4

Environmental and Root Cause Analysis4

Fluctuating Demand: 4

Capacity Changes: your five

Alternative and Options5

Alternative #1 – Continue to promote the Just-in-time Distribution (JITD) initiative5

Option #2 – Eliminate product focus sales strategies5

Tips and Implementation6

Monitor and Control6

Professional Summary

Sales representatives with the Barilla Hot tub, world's greatest pasta manufacturer, are seeing clients changing due to long re-order lead-time and frequent stock-outs. Even with a top inventory levels, Barilla remains not able to cope with the rising and falling demand. The fluctuation widely used is seen as the bullwhip impact that is brought on by sales tactics that have been put into place that is very product targeted. This causes excessive demand from week to week depending on the item that the campaign or motivation is been aimed toward. There is also a insufficient data sharing and poor communication through the entire whole supply chain which usually does not take visibility for production forecast. With the Just-in-Time Distribution (JITD) that was brought in in the logistics manager, neither internally nor externally is helping the new system. With the insufficient understanding of the modern system and the positive results it will bring, it can be hard to convince buy-ins from several angles. The initiative ought to be tested initially from Barilla's own services and prove out the methods and be able to visualize the advancements to the rest of its source chain. Throughout the implementation and test period, there should be dedicated teams which usually monitor the data and metrics coming from the new system. Daily meetings must be held to discuss issues and resolve them as quickly as possible. Because inventory amounts drop, difficulties with the distribution system can arise which provides a...

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