Bullying & Committing suicide

Bullying & Suicide 31.08.2019
 Bullying  Suicide Dissertation

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Bullying and Suicide

On November five, 2010, Brandon Bittner, a 14 year old boy by Mount Enjoyable Mills, Philadelphia walked six miles in the middle of the night to take his own existence. Brandon remaining a note pertaining to his relatives and buddies stating that he was getting bullied by simply his peers and could certainly not handle that any longer. Brandon even proceeded to go so far as might his father and mother to find enough strength to make sure this would not happen to anybody else. Friends of Brandon suggest that he was bullied because of his sexual orientation, the way he dressed, and the music he listened to. The superintendent as well stated that Brandon got his your life a few times after they had an assembly upon anti-bullying yet does not believe the two scenarios were related.

With a condition as disturbing and cardiovascular system wrenching while the one merely described, the very first thing any parent would do is discover someone to fault. And that's exactly what the parents and friends of Brandon did. They pushed blame on his peers pertaining to bullying him so much that he sensed the need to have his personal life plus they blamed managers and staff for not knowing it sooner and handling the situation correctly. However , Brandon's family and friends were wrong. Like the majority of of us, they are really not aware that bullying is definitely not the main cause of suicide among teenagers. Research has proven that committing suicide is the " third leading cause of loss of life among teens” (Teen Suicide Statistics), yet other actual factors are involved. Some of the underlying factors that contribute to teen suicide consist of psychological disorders, physical or perhaps sexual misuse, and parents who have may be suffering from separation or perhaps divorce.

Statistics have shown that " about 95% of folks that die by suicide have a psychological disorder during death” (Nock 1). One of the most common disorders include depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and alcohol or medicine use. Despression symptoms can make some teens truly feel worthless and make them feel as if they have handful of or no good friends. They have a hard time communicating with other folks because usually people affected by depression fork out a lot of time independently. They lose friendships, human relationships with relatives, and sometimes reduce serious, dedicated relationships. Likewise, teens applying alcohol or perhaps drugs tend to have a limited volume of friends too. No learners who want to graduate high school and go off to school would require themselves to students who also are positively involved in prescription drugs. For that single reason, pupils who participate in alcohol as well as drug abuse generally have fewer good friends than those who also do not. Owning some of these features may cause several students being bullied at school, which in turn might lead to a student to feel that acquiring his or perhaps own her life is initially the only way out.

Notice, mentioned previously in the previous passage, bullying coupled with other fundamental factors might cause a student to consider their own your life, but the study provided has demonstrated that intimidation alone is not the main cause. Today, most of the depressed teens seeing specialists are those people who are popular and still have what they desire and need. Those learners are not commonly bullied in school but because of being depressed, may still make suicide. If the depressed, but popular and financially collection teenager does suicide, the parents of that child cannot pin the consequence on bullying whether it was by no means a factor to begin with. Yet, when the situation arises, most of them carry out. This is really because it is difficult for those parents to acknowledge that a thing was ever before emotionally or physically incorrect with their kid in the first place, therefore the easiest thing to do is fault someone else. But you may be wondering what if that they blame the wrong person?

According to KidsHealth, another surrounding factor to teen suicide is physical or sexual abuse. Teenagers that are sexually or literally abused at home or by a family good friend tend to have concerns expressing themselves in a school setting. They may become distant from their...

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