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Case Study 24.08.2019
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CASE STUDY 4. 1 – The ramifications of globalisation for customer attitudes With all the strong progress the globalisation trend currently, many companies include invested lots of money into increasing their web commerce network abroad. Along with the enlargement is the concern of localisation to enter those countries' markets. If a company starts an web commerce website in another country, the ultimate objective is to enhance sales and profits, meaning seeking to obtain high purchase amount coming from customers. According to Nitish et 's (2006), a minimal purchase purpose is the reaction to the lack of cultural adaptation, as well, the case study indicates that customers by different countries are very differentiated in terms of requires and would like, and even the basic similarities that they have can be quite several as well (an example from the case study can be " family”, it's a prevalent similarity of all the customers on the globe, but deep down, the definition of " family” can be very distinct in one region to another). Consequently, a profound analysis with the cultures in the countries where the e-commerce functions is essential towards the success of this company in those countries. In other words, the localisation from the e-commerce can assist the business penetrate the markets and appreciate customers' ethnicities in order to be in a position to grant the products and services matching their needs and wants. Aside from the benefit of elevating purchase, positionnement also helps build relationship with customers. Devotion is one of the important things to make a business sustainable and achieve long lasting development. With the information translated to the neighborhood language and providing community staff to make contact with and serve the customers, the business will become better to do and more appreciated by customers. The...

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