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 Chinua Achebe Essay


Haley King

English some, per. several

Ms. Dietzmann

24 November 2013

Tragedy, Social Goal, Language, and Family

Chinua Achebe presents his novel with a line of poetry by simply William Butler Yeats. With this poem, Yeats describes an apocalyptic perspective of the world, in which all order and stableness collapses in to anarchy due to human errors. This eyesight works on two levels through this novel. On the one hand, we see the protagonist, Okonkwo, as a great man of Umuofia, who also because of his own flaws, has a tragic end alive. On the other hand, we come across the falling apart of the Igbo society under the intrusion of European government, religion, and technology. The novel involves more than just a vintage example of a tragedy. Achebe also includes a social goal. He argues that Western novels possess treated Africa as a dark, savage continent, and nothing more. Africans happen to be reduced to primitive, strange creatures, which Achebe's (and others') opinion is hurtful stereotyping. Possibly morally " good" Africa characters have zero real depth of figure and become just noble savages. According to Achebe, colonialism—the forceful impression of one culture's beliefs onto another culture—leads to this sort of thinking. Since Achebe himself has input it, Europeans portray Africa while having experienced " one extended night of savagery, from which the first Europeans, acting on God's behalf, provided

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them" (Swann). Achebe strongly opposes this perspective, enforced by such works of fiction as Frederick Conrad's Center of Night, and this individual said this individual received a calling, because an author, to show fellow Africans and others that the " 1 long nights savagery" dubiously depicts a tribal past that ruins the wealthy and advanced cultural traditions and values of the Igbo people, along with others. Achebe has written his works in English instead of in Igbo which may appear ironic yet he features several causes of doing this. One particular practical: there are far more visitors of British than there are...

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