Coming to America

Coming to America 04.09.2019
 Coming to America Research Paper

Coming to America

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I am Angela S i9000. Baez, and you will call myself Angela. We am through the Dominican Republic. In this composition I would like to tell you a tale about my experience in coming to the united states. I was very happy when I learned my daughter and I received full residency status from your USA. We might be shifting to Nyc Sometimes, My spouse and i felt anxious, because it was my new to go to one other country, which in turn used a unique language than my region. I as well had to leave my family for some time. However , My spouse and i tried to retain strong and calm. I knew it was a good choice to move to the U. T. We left from my hometown (Montecristi) to Onomastica Domingo upon April doze, 1993 by 7: 00 a. m. I passed and got there four several hours later. In the airport, we went to the American Airlines counter and checked set for my child and me personally. We experienced security. It absolutely was really empty because it was very early. After that all of us went to our gate. We walked surrounding the airport and took a seat to wait for a while. I actually took my personal daughter into a cafeteria to have some food and a soda pop. We were incredibly early thus we had the perfect time to walk. Two hours later on, we returned to the door to table the plane. I am certain that my own daughter acquired no idea the fact that was going on, and fortunately she was obviously a very calm child, and so i was not worried. On the aircraft, I found our seats and sat down and buckled our seat belts. I had never recently been on a plane before. While i realized that in a few moment we were going to be on the air, I had been nervous. Nevertheless I had to look peaceful, for my own daughter, and for everyone else. The pilot introduced himself and said that the flight by Santo Domingo to Ny was going to take 4 hours. The flight family and friends stood in front of the isles and proven the safety safety measures as issues the plane began to receive speed. I began to hope, because that's what I carry out when I acquire nervous. If the plane took off, I was happy, that practically nothing bad took place. Soon after that my girl fell...

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