Compare Ancient Egypt and Today

 Compare and Contrast Old Egypt and Today Essay

Ivy Victoria Niven

Ms. Allen


25 August 2011

Compare and contrast Ancient Egypt and Today

The folks groups in ancient Silk were very different than the societies cultural groups today. Ancient Egyptians were grouped in a hierarchical system together with the Pharaoh at the top and farmers and slaves at the bottom. The groups of people nearest towards the top of society had been the richest and most powerful. The Pharaoh was considered to be a the almighty on earth together the most electricity. He was responsible for making laws and keeping order. Making sure Egypt was not attacked or perhaps invaded by simply enemies and for keeping the gods happy so the Nile overloaded and there was clearly a good harvesting. The Vizier was the Pharaoh's chief advisor and was sometimes also the Large Priest. Having been responsible for managing administration and everything official files had to have his seal of approval. This individual also responsible for the supply of food, moving disputes among nobles plus the running and protection with the Pharaoh's household. Nobles dominated the regions of Egypt. These were responsible for making local laws and keeping order inside their region. Priests were responsible for keeping the gods happy. They were doing not preach to people but instead spent their particular time executing rituals and ceremonies to the god of their temple. Scribes were the sole people who can read and write to whom which were responsible for keeping data. The old Egyptians recorded information such as how much food was developed at pick time, just how many military were inside the army, range of workers and the number of items given to the gods. Soldiers were dependable defending the nation. Many second sons, which includes those of the Pharaoh typically chose to join the military. Soldiers had been allowed to share riches captured from adversaries and also were rewarded with land for service to the country. Craftsmen were skilled workers such as -- pottery manufacturers, leatherworkers, sculptors, painters, weavers, jewelry manufacturers, shoe...

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