Final Assignment Lily Owens

 Final Project Lily Owens Essay

Final Assignment -- Lily Owens

Rich Kirkwood

University or college of The south

SOWK 503- Summer 2013

August nineteen, 2013

Final Assignment -- Lily Owens

Case Description Determining Information:

Lily Owens is known as a 14-year-old motherless White feminine who lives with her bitter and abusive dad, T. Ray. She is disturbed by the memory space of her dead mother Deborah, who also she unintentionally shot and killed when ever she was 4-years-old after witnessing a fight among her father and mother. Lily constantly thinks and talks to the spirit of her mother wishing that she were with her, as the lady believes her mother is definitely her mom or dad angel. She is struggling for making sense of the past regarding her mom. She has grown up isolated and insecure with feelings of abandonment and being at the mercy of her dad. Lily is usually shy with a somewhat frightened looking onto her face; this wounderful woman has feelings to be alone and unloved. Lily is a humble girl with stringy disheveled honey brown hair; the girl dresses unpretentiously, not begging for interest. She has not any outside support system aside from her nanny Rosaleen, the only person the lady confides in and societe. Lily is apparently physically healthy and brilliant, she loves to write expressing her feelings in a journal using a desire to some day become a copy writer. Her father displays zero encouragement or show that he values her because his child. Current Scenario:

Lily happens to be living in Tiburon, South Carolina with two solid willed African American sisters and her nanny Rosaleen. At first there were three sisters, Aug, June, and May. May commits suicide shortly after Lily occurs. Lily leaped away with Rosaleen after Rosaleen was beaten simply by three racist White males and imprisoned; she improvements after the lady sees her father got no empathy for Rosaleen, and your woman wants nothing more regarding him. The lady searches to find the Boatwright siblings after seeing an image of a Dark-colored Madonna while using name of Tiburon, Sc written around the back of the photo within a box of keepsakes possessed by her deceased mom. After locating the sisters, the lady lies, stating that her parents are deceased and that she is on her method to visit her aunt in Virginia who may be sick inside the hospital. She claims that she and Rosaleen you don't have a place to stay or maybe the money to catch the train; the girl offers to work to obtain train tickets and area and table. August can be instrumental in assisting Lily discover her personal way, protecting her and teaching her about community and the world around her through the conversation she has while using bees. Lily is astonished at the strength and independence of the sisters; this lady has never regarded women to obtain such attributes, let alone Black women. Enchanted by the durability of the ladies Lily begins to discover her feminine area when the lady develops a close relationship with Zach a 15-year-old Dark-colored boy. He becomes her first love experiencing her first kiss with him. She views the world within a different opportunity when racism is described towards her, causing her to ponder on how racism is directed towards Photography equipment Americans and how they are affected. Presenting Difficulty:

Lily's delivering problem is a fancy array of factors. She is created with guilt while attempting to understand and cope with the loss of her mom and unloving father. She's dealing with emotions of ambivalence due to her mother going out of her. But, she loves and wants to connect with her mother, although deep down inside the girl cannot reduce her to get leaving her. She is frantically searching for answers as to who also her mom is and why your woman left her. Her the majority of pressing issue is her marriage with her father, encountering feelings of hate, take pleasure in, and at instances guilt towards him. Lily fears her father whom punishes her by flowing grits on the floor, and forcing her to kneel with them until he's satisfied she paid the price for disobeying him. The treatment is his form of resentment toward Lilly. He causes it to be a point...

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