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Hurry Hour 04.09.2019
 Rush Hour Essay

Elaine Terranova uses an allegory to depict the overall message about existence in her poem, " Rush Hour”.  This love knot creates the theme that domestic mistreatment is a problem that causes trauma and is unacceptably avoided.  Terranova uses the characters in her poem to express this kind of horrific real truth about individual life.  She does not turn out and straight say that this kind of family is staying abused; the lady uses these kinds of characters as symbols to represent the misuse happening.  She uses her diction to portray these types of images of characters staying abused.

Terranova begins her poem by providing the image of any "... baby's scabbed face…” in a cast, depicting an injury.  She after that uses the character of the mom who, "... is in shorts and shades, ”  which is an allusion the place that the reader needs to be familiar with the fact that glasses are covering black eyes(L. 5).  We find out this mainly because Terranova ideas this once she states that no one can see precisely what is behind "... her individual dark glasses" (L. 28-29).  All of these are recommendations the reader must make with this type Terranova uses in this poem.

After getting an understanding of what is going on, Terranova then goes to show the effect with this abuse.  The mothers body system, " sags … and tenses” demonstrating the major depression with the method her body system sags, plus the tense is a reflection of the stress (L. 7-8).  Domestic abuse takes a fee on the little ones; we see the little girl comprising sadness because her head is just, "... inclining toward the window” without expressing a word (L. 12).  The issue seems to be a recurring issue as, " the lady pulls the children to her... considering the adjustable rate mortgage raised above them.. " as if the girl were dealing with the mistreatment again (L. 29-30).  It is deduced that it is reoccurring because the mother pleaded that, " It had been an accident, " and that, " He didn't mean to do it.   This is definitely the truth regarding human lifestyle, day to day persons face domestic abuse, and many of the time it really is avoided.

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