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Business Plan

Business Plan

Foreign Sports

Aussie Sports

By Josh Collins

Inspiration, CH4

Brainstorm your company idea.


* Health club

* Shoe store

How can your business function?

My Sports store, ‘Aussie Sports', will probably be an Internet structured business. My store promote sporting goods, clothing and shoes all around Australia. I will hire a warehouse in Bayswater as it is a reasonable area and it is close to all amenities (post office, financial institution ect). My business is going to be much easier to operate so I will not need personnel I can work the agreed hours with my spouse.

Describe how and why you came program this thought for a business. I developed the idea for the sporting goods retail outlet by thinking about my abilities and hobbies and interests, I believe which i have superb skills inside the sporting goods region and I most surely enjoy sport.

How come your character suited to this kind of business?

My own personality rooms this business perfectly mainly because I have comprehensive skills inside the sporting goods market and I carefully enjoy doing work in a shoe environment. My entire life has evolved around sport, so to own a store that offers sporting goods is ideal.

Ex some. 2 Small company personality test out.

Black = accurate

Red sama dengan incorrect

1) A

2) A

3) B

4) B

5) B

6) B

7) B

8) A

9) B

10) A

11) A

12) A

Credit score: 9/12

A score of 8 or above shows that my personality traits give me good small company potential.

Business idea| Your Knowledge| Your experience| Your skills| Ease of entry| Uniqueness| Gym| Limited knowledge| Limited experience| Some skills| Mix of significant and little competitors| Unique| Butcher shop| Limited knowledge| Considerable experience| Some skills| Limited entry| Some differentiating characteristics | Sporting goods store| Working knowledge| Limited experience| Extensive skills| Limited entry| Many specific characteristics

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