lesson plan- lifestyle cycle of butterfly

 lesson plan- life circuit of butterfly Essay


My spouse and i. Objectives:

At the conclusion of the day's lesson, my pupils are required to:

A. Identify different stages from the Life Circuit of a Butterfly 1 . Egg

2 . Larva or Caterpillar

3. Bocera

4. Adult Butterfly

N. Draw and label living Cycle of the Butterfly

C. State the value of the Life Cycle of the Butterfly

II. Subject Matter:

A. Topic: Your life Cycle with the Butterfly

B. References:

Internet Site:


http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/butterfly/lifecycle/ http://www.butterflylifecycle.org/

http://butterfly-conservation.org/45/why-butterflies-matter.html Publication:

Science for Daily Employ 4 (Buena A. Lozada & Puro T. Mendoza)

C. Supplies:

1 . 4 jars (each filled with egg, caterpillar, llaga and butterfly) 2 . four manila paperwork

3. pentel pen

4. magnifying glass

5. cartolina

six. colored documents

7. scotch tape

8. pair of scissors

III. Procedures:

Teacher's Activity Students' Activity

A. Day to day routine:

1 . Checking out the cleanliness and orderliness with the room installment payments on your Prayer

3. Greetings

4. Checking of Attendance

B. Review:

1 . Review about the previous topic

Existence Cycle of any Frog

C. Motivation:

1 ) Today, we will learn the existence cycle

of an bug. This pest is beautiful, its wings has lively colors that allow it to take flight all over the blossoms in the garden… guess what is it?


2 . Sing a tune " If I Were a Butterfly”

G. Activity Right:

1 . Identify the different phases of the

Life Routine of a Butterfly:

a. Egg- is the initially stage inside the butterfly and moth existence cycle -very small and round, oval or perhaps cylindrical

m. Larva- hatches from the egg

-usually called caterpillars

-spend most of their very own time eating

c. Pupa- butterfly pupae are called chrysalises -many moth caterpillars spin...

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