Nursing jobs Shortages in Texas Need New Legislation

 Nursing Disadvantages in Arizona Require Fresh Law Dissertation


Breastfeeding Shortages in Texas Require New Legislature

Mary Sanc


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April 1, 2015

Nursing Shortages in Arizona Require New Legislature

There is a shortage of nurses nationwide, and there is an increase in the number of people in the usa over sixty-five. This group has many medical needs. Breastfeeding shortages can result in stressful circumstances which can lead to injury, tiredness and job dissatisfaction (" American Nurses Association, " n. d. ). In addition , healthcare reconstructs will give use of millions of people that previously would not have access. Even more nurses are need to interact to their needs. Texas Nursing Scarcity Analysis

Tx can lose more than forty percent of nurses which have been employed (" Texas Corporation of Health professional Executives, " 2011). The Texas Medical Workforce Scarcity Coalition approximated that this year the scarcity exceeded 22, 000 healthcare professionals, and by 2020 there will be a purpose 70, 1000. The Arizona Center of Nursing Workforce Studies reported that 18, 777 graduate student nurses are needed in 2015, which number must double by 2020 (Brown, 2012). The Texas Center for Medical Workforce Studies projected that 12. almost 8 percent of RNs employed today may give up work now, and an extra 30. 3 percent will stop doing work in the next three to 12 years. In 2010, Texas nursing colleges turned away 11, 217 eligible individuals due to a shortage of teachers (" Tx Organization of Nurse Management, " 2011). In 2010, 54 was the average age of the faculty in Texas nursing jobs schools, while the average grow older for RN was 46. We must make a move now, since it takes two to several years to teach a registered nurse. Although the Arizona Legislature provides funded medical education, the state cut financing in 2011 (James, 2012). Article III from the state finances Professional Breastfeeding Shortage Decrease Fund from the Texas Legislature for 2015 was $16, 650, 500. (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Plank, 2013). The Nursing Workforce...

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