Self Discipline M2

 Self Self-discipline M2 Analysis Paper

п»їM2 -- Written Examination.

Week One particular:

For most of this week I tried out my far better to keep my own score for punctuality high. I was won 9 to 10 through the entire week. Even though I was later for a few lessons that were not really my mistake I think was scored reasonably and there was nothing I possibly could do on my behalf that may guarantee a better score. I used to be again proclaimed 9 to 10 across the week for Attendance. Nevertheless I believe this could have been marked lower as I did not go to a few lessons due to buses being late. I don't believe being later for 9am starts was totally my fault as I wake up early on enough to catch the first by Bristol airport terminal and I get the next 2 buses when they arrive. Through the week of lessons We attended I actually tried my best to concentrate and complete most work placed in the lessons with the best of my own ability. I used to be scored on average 10's through the week. Thus i do not think that I could possess improved with my efficiency in lessons during this week.

Week Two:

Just like week a single my being on time in this week was obtained very high. Besides one 9. I believe this is fairly correct as I bought myself a motorbike to reach college which would be very useful as it could save me personally money making bus goes and it might be much faster getting to college thus i don't have to wake up early each day and I will still be on time for college with respect to the traffic. In person I feel that my Self-Discipline for Punctuality can be poor in comparison to how it can be. This may be because of a lack of inspiration which Is a characteristic I've usually had.; ) My presence during this week has been designated high that we feel is usually fair ?nternet site think I had been only later once or twice and this was simply due to getting stuck in traffic. Besides that I believe We done well this week. My performance in lesson this week remains targeted and I acquired the highest rating on each period. I think I used to be well regimented In not being distracted simply by others and being able to ignore them and never join in in...

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