Problems in Communication and the Legal System

 Essay about Issues in Communication plus the Legal System

Problems in Interaction and the Legal System

Communication is defined as the " a process by which information is changed between people through a prevalent system of signs, signs, or perhaps behavior (" Communication, ” 2011). Both the most common types of communication are mental and non-verbal forms of interaction as professionals in the felony justice system must be in a position to speak and write clearly and comprehensibly. Being able to properly communicate by speaking also needs attentive being attentive skills to adequately know what a person is expressing. A lack of being attentive skills can be an issue within the criminal rights system while the average fan base only hears, understands, and retains 50 percent of what is actually becoming said (Mathewson, 2009). While using significant increase in cultural variety in the United States, language barriers will be another a significant the criminal justice system. A nonnative person that would not speak British and features learned English as a second language may cause a decrease in the clarity of any verbal chat; as a result, a large number of law enforcement agencies are not sufficiently staffed to communicate in several languages (Mathewson, 2009). Almost 25 million people moving into the United States are certainly not proficient English language speakers, which usually mean that they require an interpreter to ensure that all their rights will be protected (Chen, 2009). Out of 35 states with significant migrants, almost half of these claims do not assure interpreters in some court situations (Chen, 2009). For example , new research identified a Korean home violence survivor that could certainly not speak progressive English. The judge rejected her ask for a restraining order because he could not understand what she was saying (Chen, 2009). Police force personnel also need to be aware of cultural differences in non-verbal communication in order to effectively contact different cultures. For example , persons of Asian origin generally embrace physical closeness when touching and...

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