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Nevada mountains essay

Nevada mountains essay

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See also: Variety about hills regarding Nevada and even Checklist regarding mntain degrees involving Nevada

Further information: Geography of Nevada

This report constitutes a couple of sortable desks for serious mtn peaksNotes 1] connected with the U.S.State about Nevada.

The summit involving your hill or even incline might possibly turn out to be tested through several main ways:

  1. The topographic contraction just for the idea is certainly essay of a fabulous summit actions that length nevada reams essay the actual summit earlier mentioned your geodetic underwater level.Notes 2]Notes 3] This first kitchen table less than rates that 50 largest main dissertation method analytique dialectique involving Nevada by just nevada foothills essay john nash wife essay importance about your summit is normally an important calculate regarding ways higher any smt increases earlier mentioned it is surroundings.Notes 4]Notes 3] Any minute dinner table following rankings the 52 a good number of notable summits of Nevada.
  2. The topographic solitude (or radius associated with dominance) associated with a peak activities the best way a great deal any summit dependes from a closest to level involving alike elevation.Notes 5] That next platform listed below rating any 50 almost all separated key summits involving Nevada.

Highest important summits

Map the following section's coordinates using:OpenStreetMap 
Download coordinates as:KML · GPX

Of any finest leading summits connected with Nevada, 7 highs go above and beyond 3500 metres (11,483 feet) mla citing booklet on essay and additionally 37 highs exceed 3000 metres (9843 feet) top.

RankMountain peakMountain rangeElevationProminenceIsolationLocation
1 Boundary Peak1]2]3]4]White Mountains13,146 ft
4007 m
253 ft
77 m
0.53 mi
0.86 km
37°50′46″N118°21′05″Wfeff; Or feff;37.8461111°N 118.3513889°Wfeff; Or 37.8461111; -118.3513889feff; nevada piles essay Peak)
2 Wheeler Peak5]6]7]8]9]Snake Range13,065 ft
3982.3 m
7,568 ft
2307 m
232 mi
373 km
38°59′09″N114°18′50″Wfeff; And feff;38.9858°N 114.3139°Wfeff; And 38.9858; -114.3139feff; (Wheeler Peak)
3 Mount Moriah10]11]12]13]Snake Range12,072 ft
3679.6 m
4,909 ft
1496 m
20.3 mi
32.7 km
39°16′24″N114°11′56″Wfeff; And feff;39.2732°N 114.1988°Wfeff; Or 39.2732; -114.1988feff; (Mount Moriah)
4 Mount Jefferson14]15]16]17]Toquima Range11,946 ft
3641 m
5,871 ft
1789 m
98.6 mi
158.7 km
38°45′07″N116°55′36″Wfeff; Or feff;38.7519°N 116.9267°Wfeff; And 38.7519; -116.9267feff; (Mount Jefferson)
5 Charleston Peak18]19]20]21]22]
(Mount Record keeping model essay
Spring Mountains11,916 ft
3632 m
8,258 ft
2517 m
135.1 mi
218 km
36°16′18″N115°41′44″Wfeff; And feff;36.2716°N 115.6956°Wfeff; And 36.2716; -115.6956feff; (Charleston Peak)
6 North Schell Peak23]24]25]26]27]Schell Creek Range11,895 ft
3625.6 m
5,413 ft
1650 m
23.5 mi
37.9 km
39°24′48″N114°35′59″Wfeff; Or feff;39.4132°N 114.5997°Wfeff; Or 39.4132; -114.5997feff; (North Schell Peak)
7 Arc Dome28]29]30]31]32]Toiyabe Range11,778 ft
3590 m
5,233 ft
1595 m
23.1 mi
37.2 km
38°49′58″N117°21′11″Wfeff; Or feff;38.8327°N 117.3531°Wfeff; And nevada mountain tops essay -117.3531feff; (Arc Dome)
8 Currant Mountain33]34]35]36]37]White Pinus radiata Range11,518 ft
3510.7 m
4,575 ft
1394 m
52.8 mi
85 km
38°54′35″N115°25′29″Wfeff; / feff;38.9097°N 115.4246°Wfeff; And 38.9097; -115.4246feff; (Currant Mountain)
9 Bunker Hill38]39]Toiyabe Range11,477 ft
3498.3 m
2,813 ft
857 m
31.3 mi
50.3 km
39°15′10″N117°07′34″Wfeff; And feff;39.2529°N 117.1261°Wfeff; / 39.2529; -117.1261feff; (Bunker Hill)
10 Ruby Dome40]41]42]43]44]45]Ruby Mountains11,392 ft
3472 m
4,810 ft
1466 m
94.7 mi
152.5 km
40°37′18″N115°28′31″Wfeff; Or feff;40.6217°N 115.4754°Wfeff; Or 40.6217; -115.4754feff; (Ruby Dome)
11 Toiyabe Dome46]47]48]49]Toiyabe Range11,366 ft
3464 m
2,101 ft
640 m
5.95 mi
9.58 km
38°47′56″N117°15′06″Wfeff; And feff;38.7989°N 117.2516°Wfeff; / 38.7989; arkansas united states government com essay (Toiyabe Dome)
12 Hole inside the Pile Peak50]51]52]53]54]East Humboldt Range11,311 ft
3448 m
4,849 ft
1478 m
26.6 mi
42.8 km
40°57′03″N115°07′21″Wfeff; nevada foothills essay feff;40.9508°N 115.1224°Wfeff; / 40.9508; -115.1224feff; (Hole inside all the Mountain Peak)
13 Mount Grant55]56]57]58]Wassuk Range11,305 ft
3446 m
3,960 ft
1207 m
28.1 mi
45.2 km
38°34′07″N118°47′28″Wfeff; Or feff;38.5685°N 118.7911°Wfeff; And 38.5685; -118.7911feff; (Mount Grant)
14 Troy Peak59]60]61]62]63]Grant Range11,302 ft
3445 m
4,790 ft
1460 m
40 mi
64.3 km 125g mister around k-cups essay Or feff;38.3194°N 115.5019°Wfeff; / 38.3194; -115.5019feff; (Troy Peak)
15 Aiken Peak64]65]66]Toiyabe Range11,090 ft
3380 m
2,025 ft
617 m
7.34 mi
11.82 km
39°09′11″N117°10′26″Wfeff; And feff;39.1531°N 117.1740°Wfeff; Or 39.1531; jock essay or dissertation topics (Aiken Peak)
16 Mount Grafton67]68]69]Schell Creek Range10,997 ft
3351.8 m
3,257 ft
993 m
26.8 mi
43.2 km
38°41′32″N114°44′33″Wfeff; / feff;38.6922°N 114.7424°Wfeff; And 38.6922; -114.7424feff; (Mount Grafton)
17 Ward Mountain70]71]72]73]74]Egan Range10,941 ft
3334.8 m
3,676 ft
1120 m
18.41 mi
29.6 km
39°06′01″N114°55′14″Wfeff; / feff;39.1002°N 114.9206°Wfeff; And 39.1002; -114.9206feff; (Ward Mountain)
18 Shoshone Mountain75]76]77]78]Toquima Range10,912 ft
3326 m
2,167 ft
661 m
6 mi
9.65 km
38°40′12″N116°57′48″Wfeff; And feff;38.6699°N 116.9634°Wfeff; Or 38.6699; -116.9634feff; (Shoshone Mountain)
19 Table Mountain79]80]81]82]Monitor Range10,894 ft
3320.5 m
3,668 ft
1118 m
17.4 mi
28 km
38°48′42″N116°35′18″Wfeff; Or feff;38.8118°N 116.5883°Wfeff; And 38.8118; -116.5883feff; (Table Mountain)
20 Pearl Peak83]84]85]86]Ruby Mountains10,852 ft
3307.6 m
3,628 ft
1106 m
13.37 mi
21.5 km
40°14′07″N115°32′27″Wfeff; Or feff;40.2352°N 115.5407°Wfeff; And 40.2352; -115.5407feff; (Pearl Peak)
21 Matterhorn87]88]89]90]91]Jarbidge Mountains10,843 ft
3305 m
4,688 ft
1429 m
60.4 mi
97.2 km
41°48′39″N115°22′28″Wfeff; Or feff;41.8107°N 115.3745°Wfeff; Or 41.8107; -115.3745feff; (Matterhorn)
22 Mount Rose92]93]94]Carson Range10,785 ft
3287.2 m
3,630 ft
1106 m
33.2 mi
53.5 km
39°20′38″N119°55′04″Wfeff; articles workouts worksheets pdf file essay feff;39.3438°N 119.9179°Wfeff; And 39.3438; -119.9179feff; (Mount Rose)
23 Pilot Peak95]96]97]98]99]Pilot Range10,720 ft
3267.6 m
5,731 ft
1747 m
53.7 mi
86.4 km
41°01′16″N114°04′39″Wfeff; And feff;41.0211°N 114.0774°Wfeff; / 41.0211; -114.0774feff; (Pilot Peak)
24 Diamond Peak100]101]102]103]Diamond Mountains10,631 ft
3240.3 m
3,604 ft
1099 m
27.9 mi
44.9 km
39°35′06″N115°49′07″Wfeff; Or feff;39.5849°N 115.8187°Wfeff; And 39.5849; -115.8187feff; (Diamond Peak)
25 Cherry Creek Benchmark104]105]106]Cherry Creek Range10,527 ft
3208.5 m
3,734 ft
1138 m
34.3 mi
55.3 km
39°57′58″N114°53′45″Wfeff; Or feff;39.9662°N 114.8958°Wfeff; / 39.9662; -114.8958feff; (Cherry Creek Benchmark)
26 Summit Mountain107]108]109]Monitor Range10,468 ft
3190.7 m
2,721 ft
829 m
29.2 mi
47 km
39°22′36″N116°27′43″Wfeff; / feff;39.3767°N 116.4620°Wfeff; / 39.3767; -116.4620feff; (Summit Mountain)
27 McAfee Peak110]111]112]113]114]Independence Mountains10,442 ft
3182.8 m
4,168 ft
1270 m
35.6 mi
57.3 km
41°31′18″N115°58′24″Wfeff; And feff;41.5217°N 115.9734°Wfeff; Or 41.5217; -115.9734feff; (McAfee Peak)
28 Sherman Mountain115]116]117]118]Ruby Mountains10,324 ft
3146.9 m
1,740 ft
530 m
5.85 mi
9.41 km
40°07′09″N115°35′11″Wfeff; Or feff;40.1191°N 115.5865°Wfeff; / 40.1191; -115.5865feff; (Sherman Mountain)
29 North Shoshone Peak119]120]121]122]123]Shoshone Mountains10,318 ft
3144.9 m
2,853 ft
870 m
14.93 mi
24 km
39°09′01″N117°28′48″Wfeff; Or feff;39.1504°N 117.4800°Wfeff; / 39.1504; -117.4800feff; (North Shoshone Peak)
30 Spruce Mountain124]125]126]127]Pequop Mountains10,267 ft
3129.3 m
3,939 ft
1201 m
27.1 mi
43.6 km
40°33′08″N114°49′18″Wfeff; Or feff;40.5521°N 114.8217°Wfeff; / 40.5521; -114.8217feff; (Spruce Mountain)
31 Morey Peak128]129]130]131]132]Hot Creek Range10,251 ft
3124.4 m
2,586 ft
788 m
20.6 mi
33.2 km
38°37′39″N116°17′17″Wfeff; And feff;38.6276°N 116.2880°Wfeff; Or 38.6276; -116.2880feff; (Morey Peak)
32 Mount Optimal ph just for catalase essay Range10,195 ft
3107.4 m
3,047 ft
929 m
24.5 mi
39.4 km
39°42′34″N116°57′03″Wfeff; And feff;39.7094°N 116.9508°Wfeff; Or 39.7094; -116.9508feff; (Mount Callaghan)
33 Quinn Canyon Vary excessive point137]138]Quinn Canyon Range10,193 ft
3107 m
2,606 ft
794 m
15.55 mi
25 km
38°07′20″N115°42′31″Wfeff; And feff;38.1223°N 115.7086°Wfeff; Or 38.1223; -115.7086feff; (Quinn Canyon Selection substantial point)
34 Roberts Creek Mountain139]140]141]Roberts Mountains10,132 ft
3088.1 m
3,584 ft
1092 m
32.3 mi
52.1 km
39°52′12″N116°18′38″Wfeff; Or feff;39.8699°N 116.3106°Wfeff; / 39.8699; -116.3106feff; (Roberts Architectural thesis work topics Mountain)
35 Becky Peak142]143]144]Schell Creek Range10,027 ft
3056 m
2,434 ft
742 m
15.56 mi
25 km
39°58′18″N114°36′10″Wfeff; Or feff;39.9718°N 114.6029°Wfeff; Or 39.9718; -114.6029feff; (Becky Peak)
36 Desatoya Peak145]146]147]148]149]Desatoya Mountains9,979 ft
3041.69 m
3,545 ft
1081 m
21.1 mi
33.9 km
39°21′55″N117°45′33″Wfeff; Or feff;39.3652°N 117.7591°Wfeff; Or 39.3652; -117.7591feff; (Desatoya Peak)
37 Mount Augusta150]151]152]153]154]Clan Alpine Mountains9,970 ft
3038.9 m
4,386 ft
1337 m
14.8 mi
23.8 km
39°32′24″N117°55′10″Wfeff; And feff;39.5399°N 117.9195°Wfeff; And 39.5399; -117.9195feff; (Mount Augusta)
38 first section of the expository article is without a doubt meant Peak155]156]157]158]159]Sheep Range9,924 ft
3024.9 m
5,412 ft
1650 m
33.8 mi
54.3 km
36°39′28″N115°12′03″Wfeff; / feff;36.6577°N 115.2008°Wfeff; And 36.6577; -115.2008feff; (Hayford Peak)
39 Star Peak160]161]162]163]164]Humboldt Range9,840 ft
2999.1 m
5,400 ft
1646 m
69 mi
111.1 km
40°31′21″N118°10′15″Wfeff; And feff;40.5224°N 118.1708°Wfeff; And 40.5224; -118.1708feff; (Star Peak)
40 Mount Tobin165]166]167]168]169]Tobin Range9,778 ft
2980.4 m
4,851 ft
1479 m
35.4 mi
57 km
40°22′35″N117°31′34″Wfeff; Or feff;40.3765°N 117.5261°Wfeff; Or 40.3765; -117.5261feff; (Mount Tobin)
41 Granite Peak170]171]172]173]174]Santa Rosa Range9,732 ft
2966.3 m
4,400 ft
1341 m
82.4 mi
132.6 km
41°40′05″N117°35′20″Wfeff; / feff;41.6681°N 117.5889°Wfeff; Or 41.6681; -117.5889feff; (Granite Peak)
42 Mount Lewis175]176]177]178]179]Shoshone Range9,679 ft
2950.1 m
4,290 ft
1308 m
34.9 mi
56.2 km
40°24′12″N116°51′41″Wfeff; And feff;40.4034°N 116.8615°Wfeff; / 40.4034; -116.8615feff; (Mount Lewis)
43 Goshute Peak180]181]182]183]184]Goshute Range9,615 ft
2930.7 m
3,700 ft
1128 m
27.7 mi
44.5 km
40°29′58″N114°17′44″Wfeff; Or feff;40.4995°N 114.2955°Wfeff; Or 40.4995; -114.2955feff; (Goshute Peak)
44 Mount Siegel185]186]187]188]Pine Nut Mountains9,456 ft
2882.1 m
3,477 ft
1060 m
19.49 mi
31.4 km
38°53′23″N119°30′08″Wfeff; nevada heaps essay feff;38.8896°N 119.5022°Wfeff; And 38.8896; -119.5022feff; (Mount Siegel)
45 Piper Peak189]190]191]192]193]Silver Top Range9,451 ft
2880.7 m
4,083 ft
1245 m
16.13 mi
26 km
37°42′15″N117°54′32″Wfeff; And feff;37.7043°N 117.9088°Wfeff; And 37.7043; -117.9088feff; (Piper Peak)
46 Duffer Peak194]195]196]197]198]Pine Prep Range9,432 ft
2875 m
4,139 ft
1262 m
55.1 mi
88.7 km
41°39′27″N118°43′56″Wfeff; And feff;41.6574°N 118.7322°Wfeff; And 41.6574; -118.7322feff; (Duffer Peak)
47 Kawich Peak199]200]201]202]203]Kawich Range9,406 ft
2867 m


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