Waste materials Tyre Pyrolysis Carbon Dark Proce

 Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Carbon dioxide Black Proce Essay

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Carbon Dark Processing System

Resource link: http://www.vertical-mill.net/Successful_Case/276.html Right up until now there happen to be 3 billion waste tyres in the world, annually 1 . a few billion tyres may scrap. And this info is growing fast annually. These kinds of wastes cause serious environment problem in our day to day life. The right way to solve or perhaps recycling these types of waste recource, that really important and maintained every govt.

As continuous development of China's automobile sector, and incredible development of home economy, increasingly more cars come to our families, so far the quantity is about two hundred million in China, but it will surely become larger year by year.

After pyrolysis, we can make metal parts, heavy commodity future trading, gas and carbon dark. Metal and gas can be recycled. Commodity future trading can be unadulterated into fuel oil. Carbon black may be further refined into sizes, and commonly used in rubberized and art work industry. The particular usages happen to be as used:

1 . 50~200mesh, can be used while fuel in the heating system.

2 . 200~300mesh, can be pelleted since ball, applied as surroundings deodorant, waste water digesting, etc . several. 200~800mesh, works extremely well in Plastic industry, just like cable, rubberized products (like mud cushion)….. it can increase rubber quality, enhance coarse resistance and hardness. (Popular) 4. 800~1500mesh, high grade co2, used as N330, N600, can straight sell available in the market as active agent. (Popular and excessive value)

your five. 1000~2000mesh, bigger grade, found in painting sector, in our everyday life, the pen printer ink, print printer ink, used such powder since raw material. High value

6. 3000~4000mesh, greatest grade, used in tyre producing as the raw material. Purity needs to be about 99. 99%.

Shanghai in china Clirik Machines has been in this field 20+ years, designed and created a straight powder milling mill, which can be best for carbon black micro powder digesting. Please discover below normal carbon black processing control, and we'd like to introduce the work:

1 . After pyrolysis,...

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