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July 2009


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7 Food Preparation Technology

7. 1 Preparing food techniques

a couple of

7. a couple of Time- and labour-saving products


7. 2 . 1 Electric beaters


several. 2 . two Mincers


7. installment payments on your 3 Liquidisers


six. 2 . four Blenders


7. installment payments on your 5 Orange juice


six. 2 . 6 Food processors


7. 2 . 7 Ice-cream makers


7. three or more Food food preparation processes

your five

7. three or more. 1 Clinical principles and types of heat


a few

7. several. 2 Cooking methods


7. three or more. 3 Cooking Devices


7. several. 4 Industrial devices


Food Preparation Technology



July 2009

7 Preparing food Technology

7. 1 Food preparation techniques

When preparing food, several food preparation skills and techniques are involved. e. g. slicing, dough making, pastry making, cake producing. The following stand shows the standard food preparation techniques.

Table several. 1 reveals the basic and advanced food preparation techniques Advanced food preparation tactics

Basic food preparation techniques by simply

with the use of time- and labour-saving



Different cutting blades in the food processor can easily

Cutting, permanently destryoing, slicing, dicing,

do several jobs. electronic. g. cutting blade,

mincing, chopping, crushing, peeling and

slicing knife, meat mill, sausage


stuffer, liquidizer

Criss get across cut

Deboning with programmed deboners

Move cut


Shredding with automatic foodstuff shredder


Grating with industrial graters for large


Mixing up

Extruding the dough in thick linens

Chinese cash making by utilizing rice flour,

for making dinero and wrappings for

glutinous rice flour, tang flour


Pastry making: short crust pastry, puff

Pastry making

pastry, flaky pastry and choux pastry

Cake making: whisking method, creaming

method, rubbing-in method and melting Wedding cake decoration, piping method

six. 2 Time- and labour-saving devices

Apart from using home utensils, time- and labour-saving devices can be utilised in food preparation and processing to save hard work. They are being used in equally domestic and industrial levels, which should have the following features to perform their particular functions:

a couple of

вќ– They should have the electricity and capacity to do a wide range of jobs. вќ– They should be simple for cleaning.

Food Preparation Technology


July 2009

вќ– They must be made of durable supplies.

вќ– The accessories with the machines ought to be easy to be attached for use and unattached for cleaning.

7. installment payments on your 1 Electric beaters

Electric power beaters are generally used in mixing. It can be used to mix different hues, liquids or perhaps a mixture of solids and fluids. Some electric beaters employ blades to make a movement or current to combine solids and liquids. Several electric beaters such as these used by tavern tenders will make use of strong vertical movements for blending different liquids. A number of reasons can be achieved by equipping the beater with different attachments. For example , using balloon whisk to get whipping cream and egg white; utilizing a flat beater for blending batters; and a bread hook to get kneading. Electrical beaters could be divided into two sorts:

(A) Hand-held beater

The basic composition consists of a manage mounted over a large enclosure containing the motor, which drives 1 or 2 beaters. The beaters will be immersed in the food to get mixed.

(B) Heavy-duty stand beater

Stand beater is definitely mounted on a stand which usually bears the weight of the device. That they typically incorporate a special bowl that is locked in place while the beater is definitely operating. Comparing with hand held beaters, stand beaters happen to be larger and have more powerful engines. Heavy duty commercial models of stand beaters possess large pan capacities to get mass creation.

7. 2 . 2 Mincers

Mincers great mincing lean meats.

7. 2 . 3 Liquidisers

Liquidisers happen to be electrically power mixers with whirling blades that mix or slice or liquefy foods.

Preparing food Technology

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