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The value of Region 03.09.2019
 The Importance of Country Competitiveness - Article


The value of country competitiveness


Countries, like companies, contend. Nations contend for assets, trade, trade in services, and vacationers. This focus on national competition has been more and more reinforced by global competitiveness rankings posted, on a regular basis, by a variety of institutions. These are comprehensive reports that benchmark the performance and attractiveness as a nation express in the economical sphere.

Global rankings are crucial for two factors. First, they are really a set of classification tools which in turn highlight the strengths we could build on, plus the challenges that needs to be overcome, in order to be more internationally competitive.

Second, investors pay close attention to the indicators and use the information to assess region standings across a variety of metrics.

While the Korea has not placed favorably in numerous of these research, it is stimulating to see a significant improvement. In the latest Globe Economic Community forum report, the Philippines moved up 15 places: by 85th (of 139) in 2010 to 75th out of 142 countries in 2011. This is one of the largest jumps documented by a country in worldwide. �

In Transparency International's Corruption Belief Index, we also moved up five positions to 129th compared to the prior year. However , we slipped simply by 2 positions to 136th in IFC's Doing Business Record.

Our leading 3 immediate challenges, because defined by the surveys, happen to be in the parts of Corruption, Ineffective Government Bureaucracy, and Not enough Infrastructure. Our longer term issues lie in regards to Education, Technology and Technology, and Development. Drivers

Let me highlight four important individuals.

Firm-level competition. While a trusted and successful economic system, with stable organizations and solid political, legal, and sociable frameworks underpin the success of an economy, they may be not without any assistance sufficient to sustain...