Ticket Escalation

Ticket Escalation 04.09.2019
 Ticket Escalation Essay


RE: To: Manager

VIA: System Supervisor

Here is a draft policy Let me implement how support needs will be prioritized for the following departments: Customer satisfaction, Sales, Accounting, & Advertising. Note, we can use this draft policy to implement a ticket escalation policy for any departments, not only those detailed. Here is my draft intended for consideration:

Severity Amounts

We shall possess four several severity amounts that we value to classify every client problems at each of our sole discernment: •Severity Level I – Critical Organization Impact

You could have a complete lack of service or resources as well as the problem is influencing multiple users. No operate around is out there. •Severity Level II – Serious Organization Impact

You aren't experiencing significant or degraded loss of support or assets and the issue is affecting multiple users. A work around exists. •Severity Level III – Minor Business Impact

You aren't experiencing a minor loss of assistance and the is actually only impacting a small number of users. •Severity Level IV – No Organization Impact

Your services and resources are in full operating mode as well as your work is not being impeded at this time. The rates of response by setting response targets, we strive to resolve your issues immediately:

•Severity Level l

When it is not solved 4 hours after the initial call up, then it is definitely escalated to the CTO.

Whether it is not solved 8 several hours after the primary call, then it is escalated to the Chief executive and Rejsende.

•Severity Level ll

When it is not fixed 8 several hours after the primary call, then it is increased to the CTO.

If it is not resolved one day after the first call, then it is increased to the Chief executive and S?lger


System Administrator

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